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Special Hospital Units for People with Neuromuscular Diseases

MDA Hellas has created and equipped three special units for people with neuromuscular diseases in major hospitals in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras) with the aim of providing specialized medical care for patients and avoiding the necessity for them to travel long distances from their homes.


The main objective of these units is to meet the needs of patients and their families through systematic monitoring, so that they can fully enjoy an upgraded quality of life in conditions that ensure their dignity and facilitate their active involvement in the community.


Our priorities are both prevention of complications and social and psychological support of patients and their families. Our philosophy is that ‘The doctor comes to the patient – and the patient is not “looking” for the doctor.’ This is evident from the way the units work. In a friendly, intimate and fully accessible area, the hospital staff is assembled at pre-set days of the week and times to examine the patients.







Muscular Dystrophy Association